Totten Trail Historic Inn

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Our First Floor Guest Rooms (Handicap Accessible)

Leevers Room
In the Leevers Room embroidered organza canopies softly drape over a full size bed and a matching twin bed. The walls of this room 'talk' with many examples of the early print advertising of the 1800s. You will marvel at how different the sales pitch was back 'when' - yet the end of the matter was the same as the ad world of today. This room shares a men's and ladies' bathroom with one other room. This room can be used as an adjoining suite to the Horne Room.
McCormick Room
Our McCormick Room offers the glint of a queen size brass bed, the glisten of a silk charm quilt, and the glimmer of mother-of-pearl inset collages. World travel was wonderfully open to women for the first time in the 1800's and indeed, everyone was discovering far off places. This Room features typical trophies that such a traveler would have gathered. This room has a spacious private bath, complete with makeup table.
Haley/Olsen Room
There is a double story to be seen in the 'doubly-named' Haley/Olsen Room. The 1800's military connection of our Inn is featured throughout the room. The beds are two twins, which can be strapped together for one roomy bed. The walls here also offer wonderful and rare examples of US currency from the Civil War ear through the turn of the 20th century. A sutler's bill, a Confederate note, a three cent bill, and other examples will give guests the "gold fever" to learn more about money. This room shares the baths with the Leevers Room. This room may be used as an adjoining suite to the McCormick Room.
Horne Room
Our Horne Room promises to set your thoughts 'to flight'. Mementos of the early years of aviation are everywhere here - a perfect spot to celebrate and contemplate the first 100 years since the exhilarating flight by two brothers named Wright at Kitty Hawk. The canopy draped bed is queen size and cloud soft. The room also offers a spacious private bath.

Our Second Floor Guest Rooms

Jerome Room
The plush 'buffalo' hide rug of the Jerome Room offers guests barefoot comfort here. The queen size canopy bed is draped with whispers of lavish netting. The 19th century engravings on these walls will give guests a new perspective on fashion and fancy. Did you know that fashionable men were once 'required' to wear corsets? More fun facts and insights continue here. This room shares a bath with only one other room. With double pedestal sinks and an oversized claw-foot tub, that bath is a treat.
Knudson Room
In the Knudson Room guests will peek into the world of a Norwegian immigrant, fresh from check-in at Ellis Island and speedily whisked to the Northern Plains on a smoke-puffer (locomotive). As with all members of the melting pot called America, immigrant Norwegian families brought with them the art, the architecture, the landscape memories, the language and the look of the country they left behind. This room shows the shadows of those roots. The bathroom for this room is the one shared with the Jerome Room- lovely and lavish.
Nistler Room
The Nistler Room offers a queen size carved sleigh bed, nestled under lily lamps and wispy drapes above the headboard. Images of angelic Victorian childhood surround the room from early chromolithographs to antique silver rattles and wooden alphabet blocks. But there is more history to learn here, when the stories behind the faces are read. A walk-in closet and private bath give great service in this room.
Webster Room
Enter the Webster Room and guests are given a glimpse of the Civil War connection in this historic frontier fort. We promise a different view of the results of that defining conflict. The queen size carved rice four poster bed rises to dreamy heights - with cherry-wood steps to offer the way. A full private bath and walk-in closet complete the luxurious design here.
Bergstrom Room
The Bergstrom Room is often just called the red room. But don't be fooled - there is much more to enjoy here than color alone. Here is the story of the early 'horseless carriage'. Did you know that there were more than a dozen automotive manufacturers in early North Dakota? Guests can rock gently in a red upholstered chair and read a 1910 auto manual or just soak in the glow of gracious surroundings. A private bath and walk-in closet offer complete care.
Studness Room
The Studness Room has Totten Inn's only king size bed - and it is a beauty! The crown canopy of this bed brings just the right 'exotic' feel to this room. Historic archival photos of the 19th century interior military quarters show how the wives of Frontier Army officers' made great effort to bring culture, art, and entertainment to their remote and simple family apartments throughout the old west. "Home on the Range" was very Victorian and very creative - a surprise to many modern guests. This room offers a full bath and walk-in closet.

Rooms for All to Enjoy

Johnson Grand Staircase
Located in one of the original fort buildings that was officers' and their families' quarters, later school employees' apartments, the Inn offers comfort as no soldier or schoolteacher ever experienced here. Air-conditioning, central heat and humidifier, new plumbing, electricity, telephones, fax, and data ports place guests to the Inn squarely in the present. Our offerings to each guest are a bed of heavenly softness and support, a breakfast of abundance and satisfaction, a parlor of pleasure and delight, and an unashamed dedication to relaxation and rejuvenation. Move from the first floor guest rooms to explore the second floor via the Johnson Grand Staircase.
Totten Trail Historic Inn
Even though history permeates Totten Trail Historic Inn, we do not surrender to just showcasing the past. Our goal is for the complete pleasure and entertainment of our guests. If perhaps someone leaves with new knowledge, we are double pleased.
Mary Hesch's Kitchen & The Peterson Parlor
A full breakfast is included and is served in our quaint tin-covered Mary Hesch's Kitchen.

Afternoon tea is included and is served at 3:30 in the Peterson Parlor.

Sears Game Room
Play a game in the Sears Game Room or marvel at the antique catalog item prices in the Herman Reading Room. TV is available here too! DVD & VCR tapes are free for viewing.
Collinson Family Office
Dinners, luncheons, picnics, receptions, reunions, meetings, or conferences may be held at the Inn, with or without overnight stays. Visit the Inn & Out Gift Shop located in the Collinson Family Office.

Room Outside to Explore

Be Our Guest
Free parking for Inn guests is within the Site security fence. Guests can come and go at their leisure.
Fort Totten
Fort Totten was built from 1867 to 1872. The original frontier fort was established for protection of the northern mail express and the Devils Lake Sioux Reservation (now called Spirit Lake Nation.) It was converted to an Indian Industrial School in 1891 and was used until 1959. The State Historic Site retains 17 of the original buildings.